Mini Golf is perfect game for outdoor team building events for corporate employees or school trip and outdoor carnivals. This game needs a platform and kit for the game, that is very difficult to purchase for a single event. So we provide you all the gaming facilities. Golf is a game in which player uses clues to hit the ball to put it into the hole. You have to put the ball into the hole in minimum strike, those who will place the ball in less shots will win the match, every one loves to play game of golf.

Similarly we have different size of mini golf from 8 ft to 20 ft in size , we can provide you mini golf of any size for your events, depending on your need.

So a sport arena at one corner of your party space, where people could play mini golf is a different thing to do. Hence it makes the event more joyful and people enjoy the activity in corner with great experience. Our mini golf activity is so much fun and best of all.

Since guests of all ages can enjoy a round or two of golf and relax in our shaded sports area for your kids. In contrast with glowing obstacles and great music, this classic game is always a hit with young and old players.

Hence we take mini golf activity to exciting new levels which will surely excite all of your guests so we offer a fun and safe environment for your child to enjoy their special day with their friends.

Basically it is nice game with simple rule. Game is a very interesting with simple rule. Across the globe you’ll find families, teenagers and couples as well as experts playing this skilled putting game.
Equipment – A Golf putter and golf ball
Player – Minimum four player
Rule – Every strike is one point.

When the first player finishes the course, the other players have a time limit to finish it. Mini Golf Game For Event. Every player has three attempts in this game.

If the ball doesn’t make it into the hole, the player must take the next shot at the spot where the ball is situated. Mini Golf Rental in Delhi & NCR The round finishes when all the players manage to reach the hole or when the time finishes. Mini Golf Game For Hire In Delhi & NCR At the end of each round the number of strokes and the time spent by each player are shown, besides the points scored. Mini Golf Game For Event and parties